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Mauritius Weather

Mauritius is located approximately 2000 kilometres south of the equator and approximately 900km east of Madagascar. Mauritius has pleasant weather all year round. Like in all tropical islands, the island is lush green and has colourful vegetation throughout the year. There are no well-defined wet and dry seasons, and visitors can have perfect holidays any time of the year. Since it is a tropical island in the Indian Ocean, there is not much variation in the weather during the year.

There are only two seasons in Mauritius, summer and winter. Summer is from November to April, when temperature is around 26°, and winter is from May to October, when temperature is around 22 °. The months of January and February are the warmest months; with temperatures hovering around 28°. Humidity is quite high during this time, particularly in the coastal areas. Mauritius experiences a lot of rainfall during this period and cyclones and tropical storms are pretty common. July is usually the coolest month of the year with an average temperature of 21°. Generally, the cooler months are the best time to visit to enjoy the tropical climate and white sandy beaches of Mauritius.

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