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Ile Aux Cerfs Beach

Ile Aux Cerfs Beach

About Ile Aux Cerfs Beach

Īle aux Cerfs Island otherwise known in English as the Deer Island lies in the east coast of Mauritius. Earlier the islands were popular for their deer population. Now there are no more deer's on this island but still the island has lot to offer in terms flora and fauna. This island paradise is one of the most beautiful creations of Nature. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations with plenty of facilities to ensure that you have a whale of a time. You can start you day by going for a swim or snorkeling in the waters of the island. The waters are clear blue that provide striking visual of the exotic marine life. The beaches are also full of rocks and coral which make it a very exciting underwater trip meant to thrill every adventurer and nature lover. You can go swimming, boating snorkeling, water skiing and whole other variety of beachside activities.

The island also has some excellent hotels that offer great services. In fact there is even a five star property with its own golf course. Must be quite an experience playing golf in Mauritius.

You can reach the island by boat and have barbequed food by the shores of the beach. It always helps if you come with a group of friends as the amount of fun you can have here will be get that many times multiplied. The island is beautiful and clean that never forget to take your camera. You are going to have a hard time taking a bad picture by the way. The island is so popular that it has close to 800 visitors a day. You can contact you travel agent in Mauritius and they will give you some really fun travel packages that will make go through an experience of a life time.

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